We offer the Port of Imbituba as a logistical option for importers and exporters, in order to optimize their operation, reducing costs and customs clearance time. We have qualified professionals to attend full time, cargo handling and transshipment operations, as well as in Import and Export, in its various modalities, observing the requirements of Organs consenting bodies. We concentrate all service from the vessel and its crew to the cargo owner in a single service provider. With this, we are unique and pioneers in the way we operate in the market, being able to offer the best services available in terms of Maritime Agency, Customs Clearance and International Logistics.

Maritime Agency

Agência Marítima Imbituba is a pioneer in the field of maritime agency in Imbituba. With a direct focus on maritime services and commercial representation, we are able to serve in any of the ports in Santa Catarina. AMIL arranges both regular Liners and Tramps ships. Providing all relevant documentation to authorities in both Import and Export operations. In addition, we also perform Protector, Husbandry, Crewchange, Onboard Supply, Spare Parts, among others. The Imbituba Maritime Agency has a vast knowledge of project cargo ships, live cargo and chemical ships.

Customs Services

AMIL also has a team of experienced brokers focused on the customs market. Our shipping division represents the largest and most important players operating in the port of Imbituba. Its experience in the local market and its long-term relationship with the Federal Revenue, MAPA, ANVISA and other authorities put us in evidence in customs services. We work with Customs Clearance in any ports, airports, CLIAs and dry borders in Brazil. We operate with a high level of knowledge, expertise and know-how in import and export of all sizes, types and complexity. Through a quick follow-up, we guarantee greater security and cost reduction for the customer.

Integrated Solutions in Foreign Trade

Do you want to import or export and need help?

Get in touch with us and we follow the entire process with you.

From the correct constitution of the company to be able to operate in Foreign Trade, RADAR qualification, request for tax benefits, to the development of a supplier abroad that meets the needs of your company.

Think of a product and we manage the entire feasibility process so that it reaches your company.

International logistics

A large part of the success of your import operations is due to the best logistical choices available in the market.

Here, we carry out strategic logistical planning, with the aim of ensuring that your operations are fast and secure.

With the objective of achieving the best possible conditions, count on our International Logistics service, perfected over the years of operation in the market.

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